Kaveh is an independent documentary photographer and visual essayist. Starting his career with news agencies in 2009, he has pursued his studies in Hannover, Germany and at the University of Wales, Newport. He holds a degree in Communication Design and a degree in Documentary Photography.

Presently he pursues personal socio-political documentary projects and works on commissions, but also gives critical lectures on various aspects of visual communication, such as representation, narrative and professional ethics. With a focus on issues of the European Union, the Middle East, and migration, his work has been published in various credible outlets such as CNN, Der Spiegel, Harper’s Magazine, Helsingin Sanomat, IRIN News, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, NRC Handelsblad, Politiken, Süddeutsche Zeitung and Die Tageszeitung among others. He is the author of Rebordering Europe and has also worked on various projects with NGOs.  Besides solo exhibitions of his personal documentary projects, Kaveh’s work has been featured in several group exhibitions in Quanzhou, Tehran and Tbilisi as well as in London, Berlin, Hanover and Munich.

Kaveh fluently speaks English, Farsi and German, has advanced knowledge in French as well as very basic skills in Arabic and Russian. His main areas of journalistic research have so far been the Middle and Near East, Migration, European Union and Resistance Culture. He is currently based in Berlin and welcomes challenging commissions.


List of Exhibitions (Selection):

2016 Berlin – Heinrich Böll Stiftung – Rebordering Europe (solo)
2016 Munich – Galerie Guardini – Iran: Generation Post-Revolution (solo)
2016 Munich – Gasteig – Iran: Generation Post-Revolution (solo)
2016 Hanover – GAF, Galerie für Fotografie – Rebordering Europe
2016 Tehran – Iranian Artists’ Forum – Dublin’s Death
2013 Newport – Cedars, At the Valley’s End
2013 Newport – University of South Wales, NP20 – At the Valley’s End
2012 Tehran – Iranian Artists’ Forum – Varzaqan Earthquake
2012 Munich – GG-Forum, Prospectives (solo)
2012 Tehran – Imam Ali Museum, Finalist “World Awakening Award”
2012 Frankfurt – DZ Bank Schaufenster, Finalist “Fremde Heimat”
2011 Hannover – Galerie Zufall und Glück, Istanbul in Between
2011 London – Getty Images Gallery, Finalist Ian Parry Award
2011 Perpignan – Visa Off, Street Photography
2011 Tblisi – Kolga Tbilisi Photo Award – Best Reportage
2010 Berlin – Niedersächsiche Landesvertretung, Nach neuem Trachten (4. Europäischer Monat der Fotografie)
2009 Munich – Bayerischer Landtag, Pressefoto Bayern