One in 40.000 – a fragmentary review

Anup Rai - A Buthanese Refugee in Germany's Collective Accomodation Facility of Meinersen

Half year ago I finished a long-term photojournalistic project about Mohammad and his son Abdullah in the German Collective Accomodation Facility (CAF) of Meinersen showing the degrading situation of a refugee family in Germany, which you can see as “German Reality: Asylum” as a part of my portfolio.

Mohammad and Abdullah could now leave the CAF due to pressure from different commited groups and are living in an apartment in the same administrative district.

Last Saturday, March 12th, I visited the CAF again with a friend and met Anup Rai, a Bhutanese refugee who has been recently sent to the CAF in Meinersen. He is one in 40.000 as that many refugees live in CAFs all over Germany. His 40-year-old Nepalese friend, Shambu Lama had commited suicide two weeks before on March 1st, 2011 by jumping under a train. He had feared to be deported two days later on March 3rd…